Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory

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In this week's episode, Relando shares an introductory talk he provided on Critical Race Theory as part of a Social Justice Speaker's Series in April of 2021. Much has happened since then from increased pushback against Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones and her work in creating the 1619 Project, to efforts in states to effectively ban the teaching of critical race theory. These manifestations of white backlash prove the points made in Critical Race Theory, and reinforce the message that "white privilege is the ability to pass laws that prevent everyone from learning history that makes white people feel uncomfortable." The work continues. In the talk, Relando touches on dominant narratives, the power of story and counter-narratives, and basic tenets of Critical Race Theory.

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Relando Thompkins-Jones

Relando Thompkins-Jones

I am a social worker, social justice educator, writer, and organizational consultant who works to advance equity and social justice within people, organizations, and communities.

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